Oreo prepared a cake offer for aliens ahead of the Government UFO report

Last year because the pandemic radically changed the way people lived, many jokes that 2021 could only get worse if the alien invasion occurred. Even though it was impossible, the year had brought an unexpected twist: Improving reports about UFOs, a government report that was not classified that was planned about them, and Oreo prepared a Just-Case cookie offer for aliens.

In December, former President Donald Trump signed Relefs Covid-19 and government expenditure bills that included an unexpected additional addition: this gave a 180-day government intelligence agency to collect reports that were not classified on what they knew about the UFO (which is estimated to be expected by the government Unauthorized. Air / room phenomenon). Assuming requests is not delayed, this report will mature at the end of this month.

Even though it was quite surprising, in the past few months or more have seen the increasing number of reports about UFOs and their guesses are often present. Interests on the subject were triggered over the past few weeks with things like a 60-minute segment on the topic, interviews with high-ranking high-ranking officials, and more.

President Obama even burdens the topic, saying that capacity is something and that the government does not know what it is or how they work. Given the surge in flowers, as well as the time limit is approaching quickly, it may not be surprising that some companies are having fun.

Oreo’s latest ad campaign involves baking cakes made for aliens, assuming they exist, planning to appear, and have the capacity to enjoy Junk Food. The company is not the only one who has fun, with Dr. Pepper also took Jab at the Pentagon ahead of the report. Even the hit Fortnite game is preparing to launch a big alien themed season.

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