Is the Breast Implants Surgery Produce Any Side Effects?

Breast Implants are artificial breasts which are inserted in women’s chest to enhance the size and shape of natural human breasts.

Breast Implants also sometime referred as boob job or breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries opted by women.

There are several kinds of breast implants which are been opted for women nowadays.

Some of them are explained below:-

Saline Breast Implants:- They are filled with sterile salt water hence the name saline implants. They are considered safest and most natural implants as they don’t have any harmful effect on human body.

In case any leakage or rupture occurs the implant deflates and is dissolved inside the body and is expelled naturally. They provide a uniform shape, firmness and feel. However, they are limited to providing small enhancement to breast size and shape only.

Structured Saline:- They are no different than normal saline breast implants but contain an inner structure that make them feel more natural.

 Silicone breast implants: -Silcone breast implants are most widely used breast implants due to their numerous benefits. They are filled with silicone gel which mimics the feel of human fat and give more natural feel of breasts when touched. The silicone implants don’t collapse upon rupture or leakage but remain inside the shell so there is no immediate deflation and the patient may detect a leakage or rupture through an MRI Scan only. Earlier Silicone gels implants posed serious health issues and side effects when ruptured but now they are completely safe.

Patients who had opted for silicone breast implants must go through a regular checkups and MRI Scan to make sure they are functioning properly. They are long lasting and come in number of shapes and sizes. Best advantage of silicone breast implants that women can confidently opt for large size enhancements as they are light weight and support multiple shapes and sizes.

Gummy bear breast implants:- They are also silicone breast implants but referred as gummy bear Implants because they maintain their shape even if their shell goes through a breakage. The gel inside the implants is thicker and more firm than conventional silicone implants. Their placement requires a larger incision due to their unique shape.

Round Silicone Breast Implants:- Round breast implants are more popular because they look more fuller and attractive. They remain more stable while inside the breast and have less chances of shifting. Also round breasts look more attractive to some men and women.

Smooth Breast Implants:- They are softest breast implants and give more natural feeling than others

Textured breast implants:- They stick to the tissue inside the skin making them less likely to move around and shift within the chest.

Like any surgery breast implants or breast augmentation also come with its share of necessary precaution, precision, risks and side effects. Therefore it’s advisable to choose an experienced, well qualified and popular surgeon who has been performing these operations on regular basis. Make sure to have a thorough discussion about your medical history, your goals and concerns with your surgeon before deciding on what kind of surgery and implants are best for you.

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