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How To Get Rid of Dehydration

In this article, we would like to present to you some natural home remedies for dehydration which is one of the most common problems in daily life. When you drink less water than your body need per day, it evidently leads to the dehydrating condition. Besides, you can also lose excessive amount of fluid and endure the dehydration after running or playing sports for a long period of time.

What is Dehydration?

As its name suggests, dehydration is a condition that happens when the amount of water you consume cannot cover your fluid loss. In fact, water accounts for 60 percent or even up to 70 percent of total body weight in a healthy adult male. It is always advised that you should take in 2 liters of water or other fluids every day to maintain your physical and mental health. This thing is definitely true because your body requires an adequate amount of water to aid in digestion, weight loss, beautiful skin and body temperature regulation.

What Causes Dehydration?

There are several remarkable reasons for dehydration that will be listed below. You should pay attention to all of them to cover the water that you have lost as early as possible.

  • Strenuous workouts
  • Too hot temperature
  • Having too much sweating and urination
  • Repeated fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Chronic diseases

In general, you can get some pure water, smoothies, fruit juices or especially sports drinks in order to supply the body with enough water and nutrients.

What are the Symptoms of Dehydration?

The state of dehydration is divided into three groups including mild case, moderate case and severe case. In addition, the symptoms of each group are quite different, they only begin with headache, lack of urination, dry mouth, dizziness and fatigue. But after a long time untreated, those signs could potentially develop into significant damage associated with cells and organs.

Home Remedies for Dehydration

  1. Drink More Water

The first and foremost home remedy for dehydration is to drink more amount of water per day to compensate your fluid loss. As you can see, you are losing water via urination and respiration on a daily basis. It could be equal to 1.5 liters of water and you really need to maintain the fluid balance right away. Another great source of water loss from your body is lost in the sweat, because by doing so human body makes sure its temperature is balanced and stable. Hence, if you plan on going out during hot weather or working out at the gym, you had better prepare some drinks or healthy fruit juices to help the body stay hydrated. Some experts also recommend that even when you do not feel thirsty, regular intake of water is able to help boost the energy levels and improve your mood effectively.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is popularly considered as a natural and safe home remedy for you to cope with dehydration at your home. You should know that diarrhea, vomiting or other chronic diseases can lead to dehydration because of the electrolyte imbalance. Luckily, yogurt includes high amount of sodium and potassium, which are two main types of electrolytes your body needs. Furthermore, daily consumption of yogurt is very beneficial to human body, it promotes immunity, digestion and overall health.

How to apply

  • Consume 1 – 2 cups of plain yogurt every day to enjoy its wonderful benefits.
  • Alternatively, you can add some cooked rice, sea salt and cottage cheese to the yogurt cup for better flavors and benefits.
  1. Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)

Oral rehydration solution is one of the simplest treatments for excessive water loss from your body. On one hand, this kind of drink is very familiar to every mother because her infant or young baby might have trouble with dehydration at one time or another. Indeed, he/she perhaps refuses to drink enough water or suffers from a mild illness like diarrhea, vomiting and fever. On the other hand, it is totally easy to prepare this solution and you can make at home, at any time you want.

How to apply

  • Mix some sea salt and sugar with the ratio of 3:1
  • Dilute above things in 1 liter of fresh water
  • Gradually consume this liquid a few times per day to relieve all symptoms of dehydration.
  1. Watery Vegetables and Fruits

An amazing home remedy for dehydration is to eat some vegetables and fruits with the most water content to provide your body with enough water. A study has shown that some fruits can help you face dehydration along with its awful symptoms two times as efficiently as just one glass of plain water. Plus, they contain huge sources of nutrients, minerals and vitamins which aid you in improving immune system, reducing fatigue and nourishing youthful skin.

How to apply

  • There are many watery fruits such as watermelon, orange, strawberry, peach, blackberry, papaya…
  • Some vegetables containing high amount of water can be listed as follows: celery, green cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, spinach and so on.
  1. Coconut Water

You will be totally surprised to know that coconut water can help you reduce many dangerous consequences of dehydration. As mentioned above, electrolyte imbalance is one of the most key reasons for dehydration and lower your concentration ability. Daily intake of coconut water can have great impact on relieving fatigue and keep you hydrated.

How to apply

  • Have a coconut chopped and get the fresh water. Add some more ice cubes and savor it right away.
  • Or you can buy bottled coconut water at the local store to get rid of dehydration easily.
  1. Banana

By using banana, the impressive answer on how to get rid of dehydration is no hard to tell now. As you know, the high content of potassium enables banana to help you decrease tiredness and headache. Besides, it has good effect on recovering muscle damage and allows athlete to get back on track quickly.

How to apply

  • Consume some ripe bananas on a daily basis to stay away from dehydration.
  • Another way is to make banana smoothie with yogurt for added flavor and benefit. Keep following this tip until the symptoms of dehydration are disappeared.



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