Facebook Opens Fire Messenger for Instagram to All Developers

Facebook has opened a Messenger fire for Instagram. Last fall, the initial beta test saw the company giving 30 developers and 700 brands, including companies such as Ford and H & M, access to fire. With today’s announcement, every developer who wants to start building for a platform can access the tool, with the launch of the phase to a business account to be followed. Simple, fire allows brands and businesses to access Instagram messaging tools into existing service and sales applications, making it easier for their employees to order fields from customers.

This is something that the company has done to do on Facebook. This is another example of how Facebook brings all different chat applications together. Since the end of last summer, you can choose the new Instagram new messaging experience, allowing you to contact Facebook users who don’t have an Instagram account. This is also a step that views Facebook further builds Instagram shopping features. According to the company, 90 percent of Instagram users followed at least one business, and we have seen it rest on the aspect of the platform by introducing features such as shopping baskets in the application.

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