Basics to prevent dandruff problems

It is not a surprise anymore that a lot of people suffer from the dandruff problems. This is a very stubborn scalp disease that can affect people from all age groups.

Once, one is affected with dandruffs, they must have tries a lot of things to get rid of the problem. They might have also tries scalp anti dandruff shampoos to keep their scalp clean from the fungus. Dandruff though is not much harmful but it can cause problems like pimples, acne and other skin problems.

The best way to prevent dandruff is to follow certain things so that it never gets a chance to form on the scalp. For that, one needs to know the common reasons for the formation of dandruff and then find solutions to them. Here are the major reasons of dandruff formation and how to solve them resulting into prevention of dandruff formation.

Ineffective brushing

Proper hair brushing helps a lot to get rid of dead skin cells that get accumulated on the scalp. Brushing also helps in proper blood flowing and increase of air supply to the scalp and hair. One needs to thus invest in a good quality brush or a wide toothed comb so that they can brush their hair twice a day properly. Also brushing 2 times a day is perfectly okay. Do not do more than that as it can loosen your hair and make hair fall happen.

 Infrequent shampooing

If you do not wash your hair on a daily basis, then it can create a residue of dead skin cells and oil accumulation on the scalp. This can lead to dandruff and itchy scalp. The best way to prevent that problem is to use a gentle and herbal shampoo so that you can wash your hair every alternate day. Then apply a light conditioner from half an inch away from the scalp. Then wash it off thoroughly.


Stress can really affect a person both physically and mentally. If one is facing excessive emotional trauma or some work related pressure then it can lead to dandruff formation and hair loss problems. Whatever the situation is, one has to keep stress at bay. One also needs to eat fresh and healthy food at times and avoid too much oily things. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

 Excessive hair products

If one already is facing hair problems, it is not a good idea to use too much of styling products on them. Those are mostly overloaded with chemicals and it can actually worsen the dandruff problem. Always try to use natural hair products.

 Improper diet

Checking on what you eat is very important. One needs to get rid of processed items from their regular diets and fried rich foods can cause inflammation, dandruff and flaking. One needs to cut down on sugar, salt and saturated fats. Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables are good for diet.

One can also use special shampoo for dandruff which can help in white flake reduction.

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