Zombies will soon attack ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’

Ubisoft will launch the latest title update for Watch Dogs: Legion on June 1 and it will add modes caused by the publisher until now. Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead will charge you and up to three teammates by reaching extraction points. Along with handling Human Hostile, you must fight your way through the undead. That’s right, watching dogs: Legion gets zombie mode, as reported first by IGN.

Along with taking zombies with headshots that are well placed (always aiming for the head), you will be able to use gadgets and objects that are hacked like cars and drones that are shamed against them. If the creature knocks down one of your teammates, you will be able to turn it back on. When you pass the streets of London towards the extraction point, you must collect a number of supply packages.

There are several catches with zombie modes. It’s just a PC for now and now in Alpha, so there might be some bugs and there may be some big changes to it in a few weeks and the coming month. There is comfort for those who have the current console, because the title of update 4.5 includes a performance option of 60 frames per second for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

If you have been looking for another pleasant way to cut zombies with your buds to return 4 blood (the successor to the Spiritual Rock Turtle to go 4 dead) arrived later this year, Legion of the Dead can do tricks.

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