Why Lead Nurturing is Highly Recommended?

Consistency and relevancy are key. Don’t let up. Be consistent. No matter how busy you’re, make time to do lead nurturing activities.

Lead nurturing is a strategic approach towards establishing a relationship with a defined audience who isn’t ready to buy at the moment but is most likely to become an ideal customer in the future. Mainly, the process intent is to educate the prospect, create brand awareness, and build trust so that when your potential customer feels the need to take a purchase decision he/she chooses you.

As we sow, so shall we reap. For any business, be it B2B (Business-to-business) or B2C (Business-to-customer), every prospect holds equal importance. And hence, a special attention is required for your potential customers.

If we believe some statistics and trends, they tell us that:

  • B2B lead generation companies that incorporate lead nurturing campaigns generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.
  • As compared to non-nurtured leads, nurtured leads fabricate 47% larger purchases.
  • On an average, 50% leads in any system aren’t yet sales ready.

Stats mentioned above clearly show the significance of lead nurturing and that businesses must start incorporating it into their campaigns ASAP.

Hence, in this piece of article, we are going to discuss the benefits of lead nurturing and why businesses must assimilate the process.

Top 5 benefits of using lead nurturing

Have you ever tried convincing a crying and stubborn baby whose mother is out for shopping? If yes, then you will definitely relate that incident with this process. In the former, you showed your utmost care to convince the baby. Even you offered him/her chocolates so that he/she stops crying.

Similarly, you have to show your prospects that you have utmost care for them and that they are so important for you. If required, you can provide them with some discounts and offers on their first purchase so that they approach you only when they need to buy the next time.

Let’s find out the benefits that lead nurturing offer to b2b lead generation companies

Helps to initiate immediate contact

According to a study, 30-50% of sales is acquired by the vendors who respond first to their customers or clients. Therefore, initiating an immediate contact with the prospect is highly recommended to get connected with leads. And the lead nurturing campaign will help you with the same.

Manifests you as a thought leader

Suppose you want to buy new clothes for yourself. Where would you shop? Of course, from the same place, you always buy because you know and trust that shopkeeper very well. Similarly, when it comes to doing businesses industry professionals often choose the one who they know and trust. If somebody chooses to purchase your product/service or shows interest in doing business with you then it’s pretty sure that that person has already discovered you. Hence, the lead nurturing process gives you an opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Gives you an insight into prospect’s expectations

Lead nurturing emails lend you an opportunity to find out what your potential customers actually require. How? Emails sent to the potential customers contain questions that will help you learn about the challenges that your prospects are facing, the features that they are most interested in and what else they are expecting to see in your product. By identifying who responds to what you can find your leads, qualify them and can prepare yourself for a warmer sales conversation.

Creates cross-selling and upselling opportunities

A survey reported that nurtured leads possess a 9% higher average deal value. This shows that with lead nurturing, there’s also an opportunity of acquiring a higher value deal along with the increase in the number of sales. The lead nurturing helps to broaden the view of existing customers about what you offer and hence, creates an upselling opportunity for you.


Lead nurturing is a process that most of the top B2B lead generation companies incorporate and must be assimilated by all those who haven’t utilized the process yet. Apart from the above-described benefits lead nurturing is also beneficial in encouraging existing customers for referrals and getting new leads. Hence, don’t wait and make the move.

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