Twitter works on Tweet reactions so that it can be more like Facebook

How would you feel about being able to encourage or laugh with a tweet as well as that? Hidden features are not yet visible to users suggesting that Twitter could launch emoji Facebook style reactions to tweets in a very close future.

Tipster well-known Jane Manchun Wong has an idea of ​​how to come to come and seek, although all reactions do not have the right emoji corresponding when – it always seems to be a “work in progress” for now .

The reactions shown are like, formerly, Hmm, Sad and Haha, offering you a wide range of responses to tweets through your chronology. For the moment, all you can do is “like” a tweet, which was called “favoring” a tweet.

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It’s not completely out of blue: For some time, we have heard rumors that Twitter is working on this feature. It is logical to give users a broader range of reactions that they can use, corresponding to the various types of content that are displayed.

Twitter works on Tweet Reactions View: “Love”, “Hamm”, “Hmm”, “haha”, “haha” Icons for joy and sad reactions are WIP and show as the generic heart one at the time of https: / / 28, 2021

From this leak at least, we do not indication when you might appear tweet reactions. That some of the code are already deployed suggest that a launch is not too far away, although it does not seem as if the functionality is almost completed for the moment.

There was a busy period for twitter leaks and rumors recently, with the social network about to unveil a Blue Twitter subscription service that will give customers additional features – features indicate the possibility of reminding tweets and up to six different color schemes. play with.

Rumors suggest that the powerful Twitter Tweetdeck client could soon become a paid supplement. Tweetdeck on the Web offers real-time timing updates, an advanced search feature and more and more, has long used power users.

When Twitter has something to say about all this about all this, expect an ad dam to arrive, covering new features and the subscription plan (tilted to cost $ 2.99 per month). We will surely keep you updated that all these news is distinguished.

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