Robb Wells Net Worth 2020

Robb Wells is an actor famous for his role Ricky LaFleur at the Canadian TV show Trailer Park Boys, which is just a mockumentary series. Wells also works as a screenwriter.

Early Life

However, he was raised in Dartmouth, Nova Brunswick, because he transferred at the age of eight. Rob went into Cole Harbour District High School along with his high school friends, Mike Clattenburg along with John Paul Tremblay. The three of them often got in big trouble due to the jokes they pulled others.


After he finished high school, Robb Wells was able to conduct a pizza restaurant series combined side, Tremblay. This pizza business is known as J.R. Capone’s. Both of these friends made humor skits in their time, and after a little few years, they chose to test their fortune in the entertainment market. Back in 1998, they produced and acted in a short film that was titled Last Shot.

The entire year then, Wells and Tremblay made still yet another picture called Trailer Park Boys. This movie featured celebrities like Mike Jackson, Patrick Roach, Cory Bowles, Lucy Decoutere, along Jeanne Harrison. Robb Wells additionally starred in this particular picture. While they filmed Trailer Park Boys, Tremblay and Wells signed with ShowCase, to create their film for a television show.

In 2004, Wells acted in the film Named Virginia’s Run. Also, he appeared in a picture called Boondock Saints two, in 2009.

Wells played in The Drunk and About Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour in 2010. Wells also appeared in a horror film called Can You Rather. Immediately after that, he made an eight, as well as the ninth season of Trailer Park Boys, and it began broadcasting on Netflix and Also, he starred in Swearnet, at which he was employed as a writer and a producer.

This year, he was in the role of Logan at Hobo with a Shotgun. In 2012, started filming the next film of Trailer Park Boys, and it came out in 2014.

Wells was nominated for the Gemini Award for Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series, Canadian Screen Award for Best Screenplay, as well as Canadian Comedy Award for Best Multimedia — Best Male Performance in a Feature.

Robb Wells Net Worth 2020

Robb Wells comes with a net worth that is estimated to 2.5 million dollars. Although there is no information available about his annual salary, we know this Canadian actor features a rather lucrative career. This usually means that Wells’s net worth will soon increase by a lot.

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