Razer Anzu Audio Sunglasses Reviews

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You work from home. You want a blue-light block, open ear audio, and hands-free calls. CUE The Razer Anzu, a pair of audio glasses clearly intended for people who want to listen to radio, podcasts, audio books, make calls and generally do not require the greatest sound quality.

Even though it’s easily the slimmer and fast audio glasses so far, Razer Anzu is quite limited in what they can do and where they can go. They come with a built-in speaker and shooting option to sprung up – in the black sunglasses lens that block blue or polarized. They are waterproof. So can you wear it? Of course you can, but the battery life is only five hours. It was more than some of its competitors, but it was hardly enough to be considered the main audio device to be taken for that day.

There are no cases of charging, and there are exclusive two-branch charging cables. Yuck. Plus, they don’t handle heavy bass music well – how can they?

However, there are three reasons why Razer Anzu deserves to be contemplated; They block blue light from the digital screen, they are very good with hands-free calls and they are open to jogging that is safer … and to hear the gap bell when you wfh.

Add ‘gaming mode’ which cuts the latency to make sound and audio synchronization when you play or watch videos on your mobile and Razer Anzu looks like the perfect audio glasses for the WFH era … If, indeed, you need audio glasses at all.

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