NASA will send two missions to Venus in 2030

At the beginning of last year, NASA gave four teams each $ 3 million to develop a potential mission, the space agency could be expanded to become a full expedition. Now plan to move forward with the two projects, and there is a Venus theme together between them.

The first of them is called the deep atmosphere of Venus noble gas investigation, chemistry and imaging, or Davinci + for approaches and something less than bribery. Crafts will travel to Venus to take high-resolution photos from the surface of the planet and its unique geological features, including Tesserae like the continent. It will also use the “descent sphere” that will travel through the planet’s atmosphere collecting data on the gas located there. The hope is Davinci + will help scientists determine whether Venus has had a sea, and to understand how the planet became a hothouse.

The second mission, Veritas or emissivity of Venus, radio science, insar, topography, and spectroscopy, will travel to this planet to create detailed maps, three dimensions of surface using synthetic aperture radar. It will also track infrared emissions from the surface to map the makeup of the stone, which is something unknown by scientists. With Veritas, NASA hopes to get a better understanding of how geological power works on Venus and to understand why the planet develops very different from the earth.

To make these projects reality, NASA provides each with around $ 500 million in funding. Agency said it expects them to launch from the earth around 2028 and 2030. Both Davinci + and Veritas out of his discovery program, which saw scientists throw NASA with a relatively cheap mission. One of the newer crafts coming out of this program is lunar orbiter surveillance.

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