All You Should Know About Nut Bolt Tightening Torque

As we know everything that is manufactured has some standards. In fact, from small things to the big one such as nuts and bolts, both have torque tightening. Torque tightening values forbolts are already defined and according to that the nuts and bolts are manufactured. This tightening torque is defined so that bolts and nuts can be prevented from failing while tightening it.

Why tightening?

Have you ever wonder that why do we use nuts and bolts for tightening? Well, the answer is – We use nuts and bolts so that the things can stop moving from their position. There are many different tightening techniques available that we can use for the nuts and bolts. These techniques are the rotation angle method, the torque gradient method and the torque control method etc.  Torque tightening values for bolts are already defined and from that table, you can easily manufacture them. If the nut bolts are made according to that table, then the failure chances while tightening are less as compared to the other. Standardization is easy as the values don’t change even if the length of the bolts change. Nut bolt tightening torque method is used widely as it is easy to manufacture due to the values in the table which are already given. This torque tightening values for bolts are standardized ones as they don’t change in any of the situations and gives the best result and this is the reason why this technique is widely used.

Satisfied clients

This torque tightening values for bolts are used by our company to get the perfect shape of the bolts and nuts.

  • Many international and national companies are our clients and our every client is always satisfied with our work.
  • When these nut and bolts are delivered it is 0.1% of the fault in our products and we use nut bolt tightening torque while manufacturing.
  • Even our clients recommend our company to many of their clients.
  • In this way, our company is growing day by day and getting better and better with every kind of the challenge that we face as there are many competitors of ours and we have to stand strong against them.

The manufacturer also makes sure that the torque tightening values for bolts doesn’t change while designing and making it. The small changes in the value can lead to failure of the nut-bolt torque technique and the failure can lead to many causes such as loss of money used in the manufacturing of the wrong nut bolt. Also, the time taken for the delivery will increase and it can make the wrong impression on the customer or client. So while making the nut bolts it is important to take care while measuring nut bolt tightening torque values. There are many competitors in this field but those who are working or implementing this technique they are good at manufacturing nut and bolt. Their nut and bolt will not fail while tightening.

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