Jeff bezos will be out of space

Jeff Bezos will be on the first blue Human flight, Amazon’s billionaire has confirmed today, a daring nod on the trust he has on his company’s spaceship. Bezos will join his brother Mark Bezos, up a new Shepard when it was launched on July 20, 2021.

“Since I was five years old, I dreamed of traveling into space,” Bezos said about the decision. “On July 20, I will take the trip with my brother. The Greatest Avenue, with my best friend.”

The announcement confirmed the majority of the new Shepard crew for first human flights. Another place on a spacecraft is a gift in a public auction that is ongoing, with current offers of $ 2.8 million. The results will go to the club for the future, the blue origin foundation that supports the parent effort.

For Bezos, this is a big step after announcing plans to withdraw from everyday operations on Amazon. The retailer was confirmed in February that Bezos’s role would shift to the executive seat, where he would be replaced by Andy Jassy as CEO. Last week, Bezos revealed that handover would take place on July 5, only 15 days before space in space is scheduled to occur.

Blue origin, a rocket company founded by Bezos, has a commercial tourism mission and planned space. However, this first crewed flight will graze with what the edge is received as space. The new Shepard will cross the Kármán line, the limit of 62 miles above the average sea level is an effort on the legal definition for the limit.

Zero-G will start from the third minute into the flight, and then at the point between and the highest flights, or Apogee, at four minutes, Bezos and the other onboard will officially pass through the room. Gravity will return to about six minutes after the launch, with a parachute deployed at nine minutes, and finally landed about 10 minutes after taking off.

While the mission may be relatively short, spacecraft generally remains a risky prospect. Although Bezos, like many, it might have facilitated the desire to experience space since childhood, it is also a big indication of the faith owned by billionaire in the original technology. New Shepard has gone through 15 consecutive mission success, and shows three runaway tests, with a redundant system for both flights and landings. Even if two of the three capsule parachutes fail, the third is still enough to carry it – and the onboard crew – safely to earth.

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