JBS Meat Supplier Pay $ 11 Million to Ransomware Striker

In addition to colonial pipes, the latest Ransomware attack recently targeted JBS, a supplier of meat responsible for a quarter of all meat processing in the US. Last week the company said the operation returned online, and has now confirmed paying “equivalent to $ 11 million in ransom in response to criminal hacking on its operations.”

CEO Andre Nogueira said in a statement that “We feel this decision must be done to prevent potential risks for our customers.” The most specific information about why JBS pays the attackers in the statement, because the company said it was trying “to reduce unexpected problems related to the attack and ensure no data was dismantled.” Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, the CEO said that despite successful data recovery efforts, experts could not promise that the attackers would not attack again.

While we now know that most of the Bitcoin Payments of colonial pipes are tracked and confiscated by the FBI, there is no word about similar efforts, or the results, in this case.

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