How to Choose a Good Boarding School

After having zeroed in on the need to send your kid to a good boarding school, you now have the imminent and crucial task of deciding on a good boarding school. Here are some tips to use while making this important decision:

Make a list:

Go on the internet, consult your friends and relatives or ask some experts. Whatever way you fancy, make a comprehensive list of best boarding school in dehradun for boys. You can make a similar list for your daughter as well. Best way to go about is to look for sites that have aggregated list of boarding schools and then individually visiting the websites of each school that you have shortlisted. Read through the student testimonials, ask any alumni that you may know of personally and just get the feel of the school’s from their website.

You may want to save up the vital information like name, address and contact number for further use. You can do it through a spreadsheet to streamline the process.

Eliminate schools and trim the spreadsheet:

You may want to sit with your child for this step and ask some questions about his/her idea of what a good boarding school is. Narrow down from the above list by eliminating all those schools which don’t stand on your or your child’s parameter of a good school. Some parameters to judge could be;

Facilities offered by the school like good sports programs or music programs, whether the school is a convent or a normal one, or some other specific criteria that you may have in mind.

You should also keep in mind that prestigious boarding schools have a lower acceptance rate than average. To keep the chances of your child to be accepted in a  boarding school, apply to a mix of schools; a top-notch school that has a lower acceptance rate, some schools where your child stands a good chance of being accepted and some schools that your child really has his heart set out to.

You also need to consider the location of the school. Most boarding schools are located in hill stations that have a pleasant weather all-star long and are far removed from the hustle-bustle of busy city life. Dehradun has some of the best boarding schools in the country.

Look out for excellent dehradun boys boarding school.

Go and check out the schools:

After the above steps, you might have 4 or 5 schools left in the shortlist. You now need to visit those schools for yourself. It would be really helpful if you have shortlisted schools from the same city to save up on traveling expenses and time. You have to visit the city at least once before finalizing admission of your child. Enquire about the curriculum and what is being taught. Assess the quality of teaching staff and their qualifications. Check for basic amenities for your kid in the vicinity of the school. Inspect the living condition of the children and whether you can envisage your child attaining education in the campus of these schools. Due diligence is the key here. Take your child along too.

The rest of the process is pretty much very standard. Let your child take the admission test and the interviews and hope for the best.

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