Holi-When the air turns colorful

Knowing what is Holi?

Holi Festival  is a hindu Eastertide carnival, emerging from India, commemorated  primarily in India while on the other hand has roots to Western nations and even Nepal. It is familiar as the “carnival of colors” or “fiesta of love”

It is an utmost essential 24 Hrs for the Hindu community. The festival of Holi is commemorated on the month of either Feb or in March latest. The advent of Holi Festival carnival measures of proverbing adieu to the brisking weather.

However the people toast Holi in order to appreciate the end of evil queen Holika and denoting good over evil. On the day of Holi, people join each other and place vibrant colors one and other. The  festival is celebrated with tons of happiness. Nevertheless it is seem as a public day off in India

What is the reason behind celebrating Holi?

There is a dense variance of holy beliefs among the Hindu masses with respect to the commemoration of Holi. The most popular reason is the end of Holika. She was the sibling of the diabolical prince Hiranyakashyap.

Run for the powers:Hiranyakashyap.

As stated in the Hindu folklore, brother of the diabolical king Hiranyakashyap was assassinated by Lord Vishnu himself. So to seek revenge from Vishnu-the notorious lord. However the king was an ordinary being but Vishnu was clearly a God. Knowing this the king went on to pray for numerous years so to be powered. Observing the patience, trust and consistency, the Lord did authorized him the powers.

What happened Afterwards?

Hiranyakashyap, after getting what he desired for years long was extremely happy.  What would have went wrong then, when everything was according to what Hiranyakashyap wanted? The mistake of Hiranyakashyap was that he was saying to each and everyone that he is the Lord.

Then the next thing where he went wrong is that he was rude and arrogant towards the citizens of the city whether old, young or children. The astonishing fact that turned the world upside down for Hiranyakashyap that his very own son Prahlad had a firm belief in Vishnu. This made him angry and dislike Vishnu even more than earlier.

The other reason for Holi being commemorated is the demise of Holika the sister of Hiranyakashyap. This is the prime reason for bonfires being lit up before Holi night, which is better known as Holika Dahan.

The right way of remembering Holi

It is observed that the people along with the variety of colors come out to celebrate Holi. While they are very busy enjoying themselves as coloring each other and drenching goes on for hours with water guns. The people revere Lord Krishna and apply color on his statue.


The bloodlines get along and celebrate for an entire day. This is because the families get an entire day with each other. The kids wait eagerly for this Holi festival for an entire year. The festival of Holi is regarded as the festival of bliss

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