Facebook offers ‘extra cash’ for more flowing creators

Instagram is working on new tools to help create more money from platforms. At the First Creator Sunday event, Mark Zuckerberg introduced new features that would help influencers to get “extra cash” to meet certain goals.

With a new program, influencers can get additional payments “because it reaches a certain milestone.” On Instagram, the creator can get a “bonus” by selling a number of badges in their stream, or streaming with other accounts. On Facebook, the bonus will come through a “star challenge,” that appreciates the creator to meet the objectives of streaming and completing other set tasks.

In addition to increasing income for creators, new challenges can also provide incentives to influencers to spend more time creating content for their fans on Instagram and Facebook compared to other platforms. “We believe that you must be appreciated because of the value you bring to your fans and to the community as a whole,” Zuckerberg said during the event.

The CEO offers new details around the company’s plan to allow influencers to get commissions directly from shopping posts in the application. With changes, the brand can set the commission rate for the products they sell on Instagram. When the creator marks these products in their post, they will then get a commission based on the number of sales produced from their post. Instagram plans to start testing features “with a small group of creators and businesses based in the US including benefits, Kopari, Mac, Pat McGrath Labs and Sephora.”

Finally, Instagram allows creators who have sold their own products to connect their existing storefront to their Instagram profile. Zuckerberg previously teased the “Creator Shops” feature, but now slid into the creator.

Facebook introduces new tools because it steps up to make creators, which have more platforms available to monetize their followers. While the biggest Stars Instagram has been able to attack sponsorship transactions with brands in the past, the platform does not do as much as possible to facilitate this kind of setting, especially for and the names that come that might not have as much introduction as possible. But Zuckerberg recently talked about the need for a kind of “Creator Middle Class” which can make a sustainable platform for various people.

On Sunday the creator, he also – again – stressed that Facebook intends to have more profitable requirements than Apple, when it starts taking pieces from the creator in 2023. He doesn’t say what the term is, but it will be less than 30 percent taken Apple and others. “

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