The educational grants in US. How? Where? When?

The education is a very important thing for all young people. When it comes to the university choice, many young students are trying to join US universities. They are many different ways how to become a student, but most popular is to get an educational grant. More information below.
Grants for Education in US

Getting an education in the US is one of the best investments in the future. This country is famous for its innovative approach to teaching, in the USA there are some of the most powerful and prestigious universities in the world. It should be borne in mind that the costs of obtaining education in this country are quite serious. If you take the budget of an average American family, then the cost of education will take second place after buying a house or apartment. Help to reduce these costs can grant and scholarship programs. Universities and colleges, private and public foundations, large companies, provide them. There are also government programs.

It should be borne in mind that the USA provides for a special category of grants for needy-based students. It is awarded to students of most universities in the country, including prestigious universities, colleges and institutes (Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University). Need-based grants are provided to students experiencing financial difficulties in providing the required package of documents. In some cases, such scholarships can fully cover the cost of training. In addition, students can get a scholarship for the work of an assistant – it can be help in conducting research, research work (research assistantship, teaching assistantship). More interesting information about different grants you can find here –

The Fulbright program

The Fulbright program was founded in 1946. During its entire existence, 43 graduates of the program received the Nobel Prizes. This is one of the largest grant programs in the world: annually it provides about 8 thousand grants to applicants from all over the world: students, scientists, specialists, graduate students. Grants are provided in 160 countries in a variety of ways. The deadline for applications and the size of grants vary depending on the type of program. For all programs, good command of English is required. You do not need to pass the TOEFL test beforehand. Those who successfully pass the first round of the contest, the tests will pay for the fund.

Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program

The Edmund Muskie Fellowship Program is conducted by the US Department of State. It provides an opportunity to study in the magistracy of universities in the country in managerial specialties. Training lasts one year. Bachelors from different countries can take part in Muskie. The Muskie program covers visa costs (including visa support), round trip tickets. Winners will be fully paid for their tuition, meals and accommodation. The program provides for partial payment of health insurance and textbooks. Among the main requirements is a good knowledge of the language.

Yale World Fellows Program

The Yale University Global Scholarship Program is aimed at job seekers with leadership skills. Winners are given the opportunity to study at Yale University for one semester. Training is conducted every fall. Among the main conditions of selection are successes in the career, good knowledge of English. Applicants for the scholarship must not be citizens of the United States. Selection is conducted every year. Applicants can apply via e-mail.

This article lists only a small part of the possible scholarships in the US, since most universities in the US provide material support to students, and many commercial and non-commercial organizations are involved in financing, the list of which cannot be accommodated in one article.

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