Cyberpunk 2077 Dev CD Projekt Hack seems very bad

It seems that the Projekt Red CD, so favorite “big” Indie game developer, Oxymoronic because it might be heard, can’t really take a break. Loved for the Series RPG Witcher, the Poland Dev House game has now been better associated as a giant publisher, which also occurs to have old old games or gogs. The launch of the Cyberpunk 2077 disaster might be a terrible experience for many gamers but now even their own employees may be at risk after revealing that big data violations earlier this year might be really worse than they think.

The months before the Cybersecurity attack was a very tense for the company because the launch of the 2077 cyberpunk was too delayed but still terrible. It was not difficult to imagine that the attack might have been triggered by rather intense sentiments it was aired through the internet for several months. Hackers may even have disappointed cyberpunk players themselves.

The hackers claim that, among others, they can obtain company data related to accounting, human resources, and investors and demand that the projekt cd pay a ransom. Game developers naturally refuse to play the game and convince their customers that their information remains safe. But the same cannot be said, from their own employees.

Four months after the incident, the Projekt CD gave unpleasant updates to hear. Now believes that stolen data may have included “employee details and current contractors”, all of which may have circulated on the dark web. They also cannot say for sure that data has not been manipulated or damaged.

Meanwhile convincing the public that has taken action to ensure it does not happen again, those words may not have weight for those who have been affected. CD Projekt promises to protect the privacy of its employees and will take action against those who will share data stolen. Given the establishment of the company in public, it also may not carry a lot of weight.

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