5 Best Places to See in India

India is the solution for those who love getting lost in warm colors, culture and traditions

  1. Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is a large metropolis that contains within it several points of interest for tourists : to be named certainly are the Red Temple of the Mughal era; the Ghandi Memorial Museum, which exhibits materials relating to the Mahatma Ghandi; the Crafts Museum; the mosque. To relax, Delhi offers green lawns and well-kept gardens.

  1. Rajasthan

The region of Rajasthan is characterized by ancient fortified palaces, luxurious and refined, which refer to an idea of ​​India of the collective imagination: a rich past whose protagonists were the feudal principles. To be remembered is certainly the annual fair of camels, which every year brings together a large number of animals and breeders: in short, a destination not to be missed on your trip to the magnificent Indian land.

  1. Mumbai

Bombay, currently Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, offers few attractions to tourists, but certainly in the southernmost districts it is feasible to be amazed by the splendor: the palaces of Indian-Saracen style and others in the early twentieth century style, together with the splendid universities and the station are worth visiting, as is the Prince of Wales Museum.

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  1. Calcutta

Calcutta, capital of West Bengal, is a busy and populous metropolis, but of high level of interest for those who love to visit places of culture: among them there are several museums and libraries full of precious manuscripts. Also worth a visit is the New Market, the Bara Bazar and the Indian Botanical Gardens to relax after a long walk.

  1. Goa

For those looking for the beach vacation in India, the choice is between Goa, the Andaman islands and the Laccadive islands. The state of Goa is suitable for those looking for a holiday of culture and entertainment: it is full of small churches and historic houses, but also nightclubs and beaches. The Andaman and Laccadive islands are home to interesting nature reserves, but can only be reached by permission.

How to Plan a Trip to Goa?

As for the relaxing holiday by the sea, the whole Indian coast is certainly not heavenly. Goa is certainly more alive and equipped. While Kerala is a bit ‘more genuine, less beaten by mass tourism. These are acceptable destinations for relaxing on the beach, and in Goa for some nightlife. They are certainly not suitable destinations for those looking for a sea with crystal clear waters and dreamlike sea beds. If these are his wishes, they are both wrong destinations. You do not go to mainland India for the beautiful sea, but for many other reasons. If you look for the beautiful sea, you have to push up to the Andaman Islands.

Finally, a commentary on security. You do not specify if you are traveling alone, but with the support of a qualified tour operator. Or if you are traveling alone moving independently, with a trip “do it yourself”, which involves travel by local means. Unfortunately, India is not an ideal country for women who are alone. Violence against women is the order of the day. I recommend extreme caution, especially if it moves completely on its own, without the support of qualified tour operators. In particular, in Goa, which is a very touristy place, it attracts all types of people, even those who are ill-intentioned towards tourists.

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