Types of Ayurvedic hair oil to be used

There are many natural oils that have been in use from ancient times and they are very good in preventing hair related issues. Due to pollution and stress hair becomes frizzy and the hair roots become weak and due to careless diet one can also face hair loss. That is why; one needs to take good care of their hair to maintain their quality and strength.

There are some best Ayurvedic hair oils for hair growth that one can use to make the hair look strong and bring the lustre back to it.

Coconut Oil

This is a very ancient Ayurvedic hair oil that can not only prevent hair fall but can also help in hair growth. This is a great oil which can be used for hair massaging and this can be used as a relaxing agent with some other aromatherapy or essential oils. This is extensively used for hair growth treatments.

Lavender Oil

It is another variation of Ayurvedic hair oil which can have a very calming effect on the body and mind. One can not only use this as a hair oil but also as a oil extract for body to be mixed and used with bathing water. This can soothe the mind and it can give a very relaxing circulation which can help in the flow of blood and oxygen which can enhance the hair growth.

Castor Oil

Hair fall can be very easily controlled with castor oil. This can enhance the hair colour and also repair the split ends and can also be very effective on dandruffs. One can take 3 table spoons of castor oil with one table spoon of jojoba oil and a few drops of essential oil that can make a great hair pack. One can apply this on the scalp and then leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Almond Oil:

This oil is very rich in proteins and fats and so they can take a good care of the hair health. This can affect the roots and strengthen the hairs. One can use this as a part of a very effective hair pack. If one can use this on a regular basis, then they can have much lesser hair problems.

 Olive Oil

This is a great smoothing agent for hair. This can smooth out the dryness of the hair and make the roots healthy and stronger. One can warm this oil a little bit and then massage it on the scalp. This can be perfect for hair growth.

Neem Oil

It can prevent hair thinning and can also reduce any form of scalp infections. One can also treat their dermal conditions with this oil. They can be used in several masks and one can also prevent hair fall with the usage of this oil.

Amla Oil

It can bring back the lost shine and lustre of the hair and make the strands thicker.

One can use best Ayurvedic hair oil in order to prevent various hair issues.

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