Quick Guide to AWS Certifications

The organizations are speedily moving towards cloud and shifting their workloads, which in turn has risen the demand for professionals having efficient skills to design, deploy and manage cloud application simmensely. AWS, Amazon Web Services, is the world’s leading cloud platform that enables enterprises reap benefits of enhanced storage efficiency and reduced costs. In 2018, AWS continues to lead in public cloud adoption and offering all-embracing certification courses to help aspiring cloud professionals master the foundational and advanced cloud computing concepts and techniques.

AWS Certifications Key Areas

Amazon offers core AWS certifications spanning over three key knowledge areas, each available for two skill levels namely Associate and Professional.

  1. AWS Architecture
  2. AWS Development
  3. AWS Operations

Other Amazon AWS certifications validate and prove your expertise in specific IT domains like Big Data and Networking as well.

Key Benefits to Achieve AWS Certification

AWS Certification offers you numerous tangible and intangible benefits while enabling you to showcase your cloud computing knowledge and skills. You can reap on the following key benefits with AWS training and certification courses:

  1. Global Recognition: AWS certifications are globally recognized and hold importance in the organizations who have transitioned their workload onto cloud, or have a plan to shift. The globally recognized AWS credentials on your profile qualify you for leading cloud computing positions worldwide.
  2. Apex Level of Expertise: AWS certifications are intended to instill top notch cloud computing skills essential to devise, operate and manage AWS cloud technologies in line with the best practices.
  3. AWS Certified Global Community: AWS credentials on your profile, qualify you to be a part of the AWS global community and even gain rightful access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community to share the expert knowledge and leverage from the shared experiences.
  4. Career Booster: AWS certifications act as great career boosters as these are offered at associate and professional levels. With AWS certifications under your belt, you can get into the leading positions in cloud architecting, developing and operations domains. With AWS specialty certifications you can start your career in Big Data and Networking domains as well.
  5. High Salaries: AWS certified professionals have been observed to garner attractive pay scales and make huge money at various designations in the cloud computing domain. This is the result of huge demand for AWS certified experts from the organizations operating on cloud platform.

Job Opportunities with AWS certifications

Having sound knowledge of cloud computing platform, technologies, solutions and best practices with AWS training and certification courses, you can to get into the following job roles:

  1. Operational Support Engineer
  2. Cloud Software Engineer
  3. System Integrator, Cloud
  4. Cloud Developer
  5. DevOps Engineer
  6. AWS Solutions Architect
  7. AWS SysOps Administrator
  8. Senior AWS Cloud Architect


AWS training and certification courses offered by authorized training partners ensure to instill a thorough knowledge on how to design, deploy and operate on cloud technologies, ensuring security and enhanced proficiency. The certified professionals extend their support to help you gain command over the AWS cloud platform deriving the most from AWS cloud applicationsand mapping the best practices to benefit the organizations and have a flourishing career ahead.

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