EvanTubeHD Net Worth 2020

EvanTubeHD is a YouTube channel run through Jared and Evan, father and son. They are uploading short clips film which content material is reviewing toys.


Evan was born on December 6, 2005, in Pennsylvania, which is placed in the United States. His father Jared is a filmmaker, and together with Evan, his spouse Alisa and their other child, Jillian, have some YouTube channels with numerous content material. Jared and Alisa are referred to as DaddyTube and MommyTube, and they’re each YouTube celebrities. In addition to Evan and Jillian, they’ve every other child called Chloe.

There aren’t many records approximately Evan’s educational background, however, we can anticipate that he goes to a few neighborhood faculty someplace in his city.


Evan and Jared began out making films in 2011, and Jared didn’t realize whatever approximately monetizing short clips film. When the channel began out attracting an increasing number of subscribers, he observed that there’s a few monetize options, and he desired to strive it out. That is whilst he found out that they might simply make a few cash out in their YouTube uploads.

Evan’s first video changed into titled “Angry Birds Stop Motion through EvanTubeHD – My first actual YouTube Video!”


EvanTubeHD is Evan’s creation, and the whole lot began out whilst Evan requested his father Jared at some point if he may want to make a video collectively with him. Jared changed into excited to do it, as he changed into a filmmaker, and he enjoys spending time together along with his son. When Jared brought a few computer graphics withinside the first couple of films, human beings began out looking at them and right away fell in love.

It changed into approximately reviewing toys. It sounds simple, however, they created such tremendous content material, that Evan’s recognition most effective grew larger and larger as time went through.

At first, it changed into Angry Birds toys, however, now that series consists of Lego, Moshi Monsters, and Star War toys among others.

After toy reviewing, Evan went on with a few technological know-how experiments and a few clay modeling. Due to the reality that there has been a few new content materials involved, he began out getting an increasing number of subscribers, and therefore his repute simply grew.

Evan determined to create separate YouTube debts for numerous content material, and so these days we’ve got EvanTubeGAMING this is made only for video games. There Evan posts films with him gambling video and laptop video games like Minecraft, Disney Infinity, Roblox, Skylanders among others.

Another channel is referred to as EvanTubeRAW, and this is for vlogging purposes. There you could see matters that Evan does in his regular normal life. When he visited LEGOLAND in California, he created a video approximately it and uploaded it to this vlogging channel.

Evan and his sister Jillian are doing numerous matters collectively too, and that also can be visible on YouTube.

Jillian has her separate YouTube account, referred to as JillianTubeHD.


Evan’s YouTube repute even was given him into a few performing careers. In a lively film referred to as Beyond Beyond, Evan gave his voice to the principal man or woman named Jonah. Evan changed into additionally located himself in a deal for an advert for Spy Gear.

Evan and Jillian have been as soon as visitors for Jimmy Fallon and his tv communication show. The first performing enjoy that Evan had changed into in ‘The Fixits,’ which premiered on Disney XD channel. “The Fixits’ is a myth and journey collection created through Disney.

EvanTubeHD Net Worth 2020

Evan is presently 4 ft height and weighs 40 kg, however thinking that he’s only a baby, he’s going to develop and benefit from extra weight. Evan has darkish brown hair and dark brown eyes.

He is likewise lively on social media and has a whole lot of followers. You can locate him on Twitter, Instagram, or even, wherein he’s a large hit.

EvanTubeHD has extra than 8 million subscribers through now. Just from commercials on their films, the channel is incomes around $4000 a day. That makes it $1.5 million annually.

EvanTubeRAW, the vlogging channel, has 4.5 million subscribers and the channel is getting approximately $2000 in step with day, that is $730,000 in step with year.

EvanTubeGaming has 1.4 million subscribers now, and that receives Evan’s circle of relatives a sum of $480 a day.

In addition to YouTube, Evan and his circle of relatives’ wealth come from different initiatives too, and we referred to that Evan even was given into a few performing, too. With the whole lot considered, the own circle of relatives’ estimated net worth in 2020 is around $15 million

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